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Affectionately known by lovers of wine as 'Cab Sav' or more simply ‘Cab’, Cabernet Sauvignon is a heavyweight of the red wine world – often referred to as the King of Red Grapes. Here at Apothic, we've ensured our very own variety lives up to this reputation with an unbeatable blend that delivers the trademark silky-smooth style that is loved by legions of Apothic fans across the globe.

Apothic wines enchant with their sophistication, offering bold flavours that finish with velvety textures, and the taste of our intriguing Apothic Cab is no different. This blend has been crafted to perfection by Apothic's expert team of winemakers, bringing through a sense of smooth as you enjoy this divine red.

The winemaking team carefully selected only those cabernet grapes which boasted the softest, most plush tannins and a fruit profile of optimal intensity. Sourced primarily from the premium growing region of California, these grapes were blended with a small amount of jammy Zinfandel grapes to deliver a Cabernet Sauvignon that will submerge your taste buds with a texture of silk, notes of dark fruit and layered aromas of vanilla.

This magnificent taste profile makes Apothic’s Cabernet Sauvignon the ideal addition to your dinner table as it perfectly complements a range of mouthwatering dishes. As your joint of beef, lamb, or even plump, garlicky portobello mushroom roasts in the oven on a winter Sunday, set your table with a bottle of Apothic Cab as the centrepiece. Snuggled around a crackling fire with a lovingly-put-together cheeseboard adorned with sticky chutneys, ripe figs and piney herbs? Pour a glass of Apothic's jammy Cabernet red wine to accompany this grazing platter and your palate will dance with a blend of softness and intensity.

At Apothic wine we love nothing more than to challenge convention and create innovative blends, so our Cab has a deliciously bold taste and smoother-than-smooth finish. From the sun-soaked Californian vineyards to the first glug from a freshly opened bottle, Apothic Cab is packed with passion and flavour to savour.

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