Apothic Red

When it comes to smooth red wine, it doesn’t get any better than Apothic Red. Our winemaker’s have masterfully crafted a blend that delivers an intense burst of bold fruit on the palette - and each bottle takes your taste buds on an indulgent adventure.





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Our smooth red wine blend offers a tantalising texture and rich layers, with much to enjoy. 

Leading the way is Zinfandel, with deep dark fruit notes and subtle hints of spice. Notes of blueberries and blackberries are brought to the bottle by the seductive Syrah, while its bold and beautiful structure comes from Merlot. Here we also get black cherry and plum aromas – followed by luxurious layers of blackcurrant from Cabernet Sauvignon. 

This melody of grape varieties come together to create the perfect complement – and the resulting silky-smooth wine finishes with a flourish thanks to its long-lasting notes of soft vanilla and mocha that linger on the palate.

It’s bold and innovative – and it makes for the best smooth red wine you could imagine and perfect for a night with friends. When it comes to pairing Apothic Red you can’t look past those indulgent desserts like a luscious dark chocolate tart or chocolate-dipped strawberries, but this intriguing red blend also pairs perfectly with a honey-glazed baked camembert accompanied by juicy figs, or pizza topped with caramelized onions and goats cheese.

Try a glass of this popular red wine for yourself to understand its sophisticated charm and revel in the way it brings together the mystique and intrigue of the Old World with pioneering modern techniques and the best Californian grape varieties.

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