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Apothic Wine

Beyond smooth. Feel the taste.

Apothic brings unique blends of grapes to create intense aromas and rich flavours for a Beyond Smooth experience.

Combining zinfandel, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot grapes from California’s Central Valley, Apothic wine is uncompromisingly unique. Apothic Red is infused with tantalising notes of vanilla, black cherry and mocha while Apothic Dark entwines the opulent tones of coffee and dark chocolate.

Brave enough to denote these bold flavours, Apothic expertly delivers perfectly rounded wines.

Apothic is a premium wine at an affordable price, worthy of the plaudits of wine connoisseurs and critics. Its wines are characterised by their unique smoothness. The 2015 Winemaker’s Red Blend won international acclaim, including gold in the Berlin Wine Trophy .

For those who aspire to enjoy fine wine, Apothic wines’ masterful and intriguing fusions are wonderful to enjoy on their own or as an elegant accompaniment to meals, hors d’oeuvres, finger foods and canapes.

Intense aromas and daring flavours are at the heart of the story told by each vintage of Apothic wine.

The winemakers behind Apothic are led by the grapes of each harvest to finely balance and construct notable, distinctive and accessible vintages. Its winemakers are experts in the terroir of the fertile Central Valley , at the heart of trailblazing California, where the grapes are tenderly cultivated and skillfully combined to create high end wines.

Apothic takes its inspiration from ‘Apotheca’ a place of mystery where wine was blended and stored in Europe in the 13th century.

Sculpting its first wine in 2010, Apothic is an exemplar of New World sophistication. Apothic wine has become defined as a challenger of convention and creator of innovative blends.