Apothic Merlot

Deep midnight blue in colour, the Merlot grape stands aloft as a firm favourite amongst wine fans around the globe. Our very own expression combines an alluring mix of dark fruit intensity with plush, velvety mouthfeel, making Apothic Merlot a feast for the senses. Our indulgent red wine has been crafted by Apothic’s expert winemakers to be the perfect dinner party companion, as well as a faithful friend to cheeseboards and charcuteries alike.







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Our winemakers have found inspiration in Merlot’s historical tapestry, using tales of winemaking from several regions to craft bold flavours and smooth blends. Legend says that the Merlot grape is so named for a dauntless blackbird who used his clever wit to plump grapes from the vine. The blackberry, cherry and dark fruit depths of this jammy wine tell tales of this daring bird.

Apothic Merlot’s intriguing fruity personality and jammy characteristics seductively greet your palate. These are followed by vanilla and coconut undertones which subtly emerge from the oak on which the wine is aged. The generous tannins create a plush velvety mouthfeel which remains long after your first sip.  

Merlot is made from a resilient grape, one that prospers in many vineyards across the globe. The varying environments and crafting methods come together to deliver a taste experience that can subtly differ between winemakers.

The deep blue grapes of Merlot red wine are perfectly suited to a variety of food partnerships, a union that has led to the wine’s association with dinner parties. The fruity, oaky notes complement hearty, rich foods – lightly spiced grilled chicken, tangy blue cheese or earthy mushrooms.

Indulge in a glass of this renowned red wine and find yourself captivated by its daring depths. At Apothic, we combine heritage wine practices with modern techniques to craft distinctive wine experiences.   

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