Christmas food and wine pairing

Dec 9, 2021

Whether you've been naughty or nice, Christmas is a time to enjoy only the very best.

Chocolate for breakfast, dinner with all the trimmings and snacks, nibbles and a touch of mischief — it’s the only way to celebrate this festive occasion.

But, with all this sumptuous food on the table, you’ll need an equally-as-indulgent wine to pair with it. In this guide, we've tried and tested many a Christmas food and wine pairing to find only the most intriguing combinations to enjoy on and around December 25th.


The best wine for Christmas dinner

Red wine

While many pop Prosecco corks or get started on the spirits, red wine is a sly favourite for pairing with that Christmas bird you intend to serve. Pour a glass — at room temperature — and savour alongside a generous helping of pâté on toasted bread.


Can I serve red wine with turkey?

It's Christmas, you make the rules

Apothic Red is a worthy bedfellow for your trussed-up turkey. Our smooth red, layered with rich, dark fruits and oh-so-subtly spiced, perfectly complements the delicate white meat. Serve at room temperature alongside your Christmas dinner for a sophisticated and sumptuous spread.

While some would argue that red wine should only be served alongside red meat, we say it's time to be rebellious. A red boasting delicate notes of vanilla adds a welcome sweetness with roast chicken too.

Continuing with that rebel spirit and opting for an alternative festive meat this year? Then a glass of red is a bold wine pairing for goose or duck for when you want to break with tradition but not with quality.

Which wine to pair with turkey

The alternative choice – beef and wine pairing

A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon

Skipping the turkey this year in favour of a joint of roast beef? Why not? We love the unexpected.

This new festive favourite has climbed the ranks in popularity in recent years, slow roasting in the oven while you continue whatever mischief you had planned.

When it comes to the perfect beef and wine pairing, you're looking for something sumptuous and undeniably rich.

A smooth and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon should set the tone for a comforting Christmas meal. Our smooth Apothic Cab offers the big presence of a classic Cabernet that’s wrapped up with a silky touch. The perfect partner for the hearty flavours of melt-in-the-mouth beef, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of thick gravy, but with a dark side that complements controversy quite nicely.

Cab Sav is a popular red wine with high tannins, which can explain why it’s a highly favoured choice for pairing with red meats. 


The perfect Christmas pudding wine pairing

Nothing quite says Christmas in the UK like a flaming Christmas pudding, with that seductive blue hue. If you're a fan of the festive pyrotechnics, make the occasion special by pairing that generous serving of steaming pud with a wine that’s just as daring.

A red that errs less on the sweeter side pairs well with Christmas pudding.

Apothic Cab delivers the classic complexity of a Cabernet Sauvignon with billowy tannins that glide across the palate like silk. The smoothness of Apothic Cab means it can stand up to the sharpness of the alcohol in Christmas pudding and notes of vanilla help balance out the overall richness.

Which wine to pair with christmas pudding

Christmas cheese board and wine pairings

A rich and smooth red wine

A Christmas cheese board is the ultimate in indulgence when decked out with crumbly cheddars, creamy Port Salut, sticky chutneys and plump, ripe figs.

Pair yours with a bold red for a match you'll want to savour. Apothic Merlot is just the nectar to sip slowly while piling crackers high with rich cheeses and expertly balanced dried meats.

The oaky notes add a decadent finish when enjoyed alongside cheese, while the dark fruit flavours enhance the sweetness of soft cheeses such as brie and fruit-infused varieties. The famously smooth mouth-feel of Apothic means the finish is just as silky as the cheese.


Chocolate and wine – a match made in heaven

A glass of red wine with warming notes of vanilla

Once the charcuterie board has been begrudgingly carried away and you've refused the last few roast potatoes going spare, we'd say it's time to indulge in some of those Christmas chocolates.

Chocolate and wine were made for one another, with red wine only enhancing the luxurious  flavours of cocoa beans.

This is your chance to enjoy a glass of Apothic Red, the perfect match for rich, dark chocolate. This wine features enticing notes of vanilla that bring out the sweetness of the chocolate, while murmurs of mocha provide a welcome balance.

If you have a sweeter tooth and lean towards a box of miniatures with caramel and other gooey centres, a Cabernet Sauvignon with jammy, dark-fruit notes is an alternative-but-welcome wine partner.


Indulge this Christmas with a wine selection that enhances the all-important feast and mischief you have planned. From a rebellious pate partner to the ideal accompaniment for your brandy-soaked pudding, fan the flames of conversation around a crackling fire with the perfect smooth red wine for the whole party.